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“Naturally the world provides us with abundance and pure intention woven into every detail, color palette and variation . No leaf appears twice. No human being walks the same path, shares the same lenses. Very much we are unique, one of a kind, with a story inside that forms and shapes our outer perspectives." 

Hilke, 34 - is a ceramist and screen printer, based in Lisbon, Portugal. She embodies the principle of minimalism in her creations. The energy geometric figures carry - hold a fascination she barely finds words for herself.

From prints to wearable artistic outflows on (re)useable, often recylced material. Yet none of her pieces is identical as nothing natural in the world  is if we use our sensitivity. The bespoken leaf, no grain of sand, no wave, no human being.

A concept Hilke stroked for years, unconsciously may accompanied her entire life. Whether it is the way she moves, creates, talks, teaches, styles - her works draw an immediate possibility of encounter her energy in a tangible product. Expresses calmness, openness to approach, transparency, connection, simplicity yet depth, pure and raw ness that continues the infinite and timeless. Yet mirrors and allows the world of art to be worn on our bodies, hold in our hands, touched and integrated in our daily yet never equally occurring way of life and style.